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🔁 Iterating through the week's news

Meet the hostsMeet Shay: 🇮🇱 Go Israel Meetup, March 12 @ OrcaMeet Jonathan: 🇳🇱 Go Amsterdam Meetup, Feb 27 @ Creative FabricaProposalsDeclined: 🤐 archive/zip: support ...

slices.Pete and slices.Repeat sat on a fence, and interview with Daniel Martí

Proposals:new: add slices.Repeat functionaccepted: deprecate runtime.GOROOTFrom the Go blog: Routing Enhancements for Go 1.22How I write HTTP services in Go after 13 y...

🆕 Most of what you need to know about Go 1.22

New releases♬ Go 1.21.7 and 1.20.14 released🧹 golangci-lint 1.56.1 released, including support for `--show-stats` and John's bugfixConferences and Meetups🇮🇱 Go Israel ...

🧑‍🚀 For our 1st anniversary, we debate about (white)space in Muxers for a looooong time

Happy 1st anniversary to Cup o' Go! 🥳Proposalsgo build -json acceptedallow append(nil, arg) declined (playground link), because of existing alternativego vet: warn abo...

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