Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams

Entrepreneur, Software Engineer and Author (“Hands-On GUI Application development in Go” and “Building Cross-Platform GUI Applications with Fyne”). Founder of and

Appears in 3 Episodes

🗠 gopls 0.14 with opt-in telemetry is coming! And Eliav Lavi talks about some challenges with JSON

Thank you to this week's sponsor, Koyeb!gopls v0.14.0-pre4 releasedPrevious discussion about opt-in telemetry in episode 12GopherCon BrazilConference: May 9, 2024 in F...

Conferences galore for Q4, Alien Abduction 🛸, and interview with Peter Seebach aka Seebs on Go performance

Thank you to this week's sponsor, Koyeb!So many conferences!🇺🇸 GopherCon, San Diego, CA, USA, September 25-28🎟️ Tickets still available🏨 Hotel discount extended to Mon...

Why would they change math? Math is math! Also, the Internet is on strike, and an interview with Andy Williams about Fyne

Thank you to this week's sponsor, Koyeb!Go 1.20.5 & 1.19.10 releasedVSCode-go v0.39.0 released🖩 Discussion: Add new API for math/rand 📊 SO 2023 Survey ResultsThe inter...

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