Josh Bleecher Snyder

Josh Bleecher Snyder

Gopher of All Trades.

Appears in 2 Episodes

❄️ Be unique, just like everyone else & interview with 📦 testcontainers maintainer Manuel de la Peña

Thank you to this week's sponsor, Backend Banter!🛡️ Security pre-release announcementGo 1.21.4 and 1.20.11 coming on Tuesday, November 7Conferences🇮🇪 GopherCon Ireland...

Go 1.21.0 is here! Time to get hyped about 1.22! Plus an interview with Josh Bleecher Snyder

🇬🇧 GopherCon UK, Aug 16-18🥳 Go 1.21.0 is released!Smallest release since Go 1.5golangci-lint v1.54.0 released with Go 1.21 support ProposalsAccepted: 0️⃣ Untyped zeroA...

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