Adelina Simion

Adelina Simion

Tech Evangelist at Form3. She is an organiser of London Gophers and Women Who Go London. She has been a Gopher since 2018.

Appears in 3 Episodes

Clothe your returns 👕 and all about encoding/json/v2 with Joe Tsai

Thank you to this week's sponsor, Koyeb!Go 1.21.2 & 1.20.9 released. Upgrade yesterday!💻 Hacktoberfest is happening nowHow to participateGo projects participatingPropo...

📚 So many Go books, so little time! Plus upcoming security releases, GopherCon ⚡ lightning talks, and interview with Donia Chaiehloudj

Today we're joined by guest co-host, Adelina Simion! Adelina works at Form3, co-organizer of Women Who Go, London and London Gophers, and is the author of Test-Driven ...

What the ʕ◔ϖ◔ʔ? New merch, TDD book interview with Adelina Simion, and more

Check out our new Merch store and buy your very own Cup o' Go coffee mug or sticker!Go 1.20.4 and Go 1.19.9 are releasedConferences:Go Conference 2023 Japan, Online Ju...

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